Q & A's

Q: How does Hooray work?

A: We are making gift giving so much more easier and so much more fun! Go online to our website, pick a brownie you would like to send, add on any extras you would like. Put in the details as to who you are sending it to (our yourself) Add in the date you are wanting it delivered and write in the message you would like to send to the person! Order by 10am for same day delivery.


Q: Can I get my gift delivered at a certain time?

A: As much as we would love to cater to every persons time frames we aren't able to guarantee delivery at a specific time of day. Our delivery hours are between 11:00am and 5:00pm for business addresses and 11:00am and 6:00pm for residential addresses. 


Q: What is the expiry date on the brownies?

A: Brownie Jars are made fresh each morning! We have a best before date of 5 days which are when the brownies are at their most freshest!


Q: Can the brownie be left at the doorstep or out of the fridge if the person is not home upon delivery?

A: YES! All our brownies are made with non perishable items so don't need to be refrigerated. 


Q: I can't see my suburb on your suburb list

A: As much as we would love to deliver all around Brisbane, sadly some locations are just too far for us. Send us an email at hello@hooray.shop and check and we will let you know if we can deliver to that area for you.


Q: The person has left work early for the day!

A: If the person has left early, we will leave the gift with the staff at the office until they return the following day. If the business has gone home earlier than 5pm the gift will be brought back to the kitchen and a re delivery fee for the following day will need to be issued.


Q: The person is not home and they live in an apartment block or a high gate with no access!

A: If this happens, we will try to call the recipient to see where we can leave the package. If we cannot get in contact with the person and there is nowhere to leave the gift in a safe spot we will have to bring the gift back to the kitchen and a redelivery fee will have to be issued for the next day. 


Q: Has my brownies been delivered to the recipient?

A: Once delivery has taken place you will receive an email from us telling you that its been delivered! 



Q: Bulk orders

A: We do lots of bulk orders for companies sending out thankyou gifts! If its less than 10 orders you can do them online, if you have more orders you can email us at hello@hooray.shop so we can organise all the deliveries for you. We may need to send out your deliveries over a few days so our staff can cater for everyones orders for the day.



Q: Add on items

A: The add on items can only be purchsed when ordering a brownie of any kind.  They can not be ordered on their own as it will be under our minumim  delivery fee.